We Are Closed

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We Are Closed

We are closed! Please contact our friends at Wings: www.wings-uk.com


Simon Costin’s Dickensian street scene

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Simon Costin's Dickensian street scene

As part of its Dickens and London exhibition the Museum of London has commissioned set designer Simon Costin to create a suitably Dickensian street scene as a window display of its City Gallery premises at 150 London Wall…

The cardboard city streetscape, complete with narrow alleys, church towers and shop fronts, is made entirely from cardboard and inspired by the descriptive essays of Charles Dickens. “My intention was to create a fantasy vision of London as it would have been glimpsed by Dickens on his nocturnal wanderings through the city,” says Costin. “His essays are extremely evocative. Dickens once wrote that he felt like a child in a dream ‘staring at the marvellousness of everything’. It is that marvellousness that I wanted to recreate.”

The Illustrated Alphabet

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P is for Python by Serge Seidlitz

The Small Print has just unveiled its latest project, The Illustrated Alphabet, for which it approached 26 illustrators from around the world to each create an illustrated letter of the alphabet plus another artwork inspired by their particular letter. Contributing artists include Ben Newman, Bjorn Lie, Oliver Jeffers, Richard Hogg, Emily Forgot and Genevieve Gauckler…

This was one of our favourites. P is for Python by Serge Seidlitz. Click through the link below to see the rest of the artwork.

Via – thesmallprint.ie

Is it art or just a crime?

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anti graffiti sign

There are few forms of vandalism that cause as much controversy as graffiti. Art or crime, most of us have reservations about where it’s displayed – particularly when it’s on your front door!

You would be cross if your company sign was rendered unreadable – unless of course it was by Banksy – then you would just smile and take it to Sotheby’s.

However, if your sign is prone to regular vandalism by less bankable graffiti artists we can help you, as we now manufacture an anti-graffiti sign designed specifically for you.

Gary Hoxby was consulted by one of Adtec’s clients, to take a fresh look at the problem, and his solution was an anti-graffiti sign manufactured from highly durable vitreous enamel, held securely within a protective clear acrylic cover, precision drilled with our unique anti-graffiti grid and secured throughout by vandal proof metal fixings.

The grid has proved to act as a positive deterrent to vandals, its fractured surface presenting a physical rather than chemical protective barrier.

If your sign attracts graffitists and you prefer your message to be seen and not theirs, please contact Gary Hoxby via email info@adtec.co.uk or call +44 (0)20 7837 6714.

You can find out more about our signage services on the website here.

Those Olympic posters: some alternatives

28/11/2011 1 comment

alternative 2012 Olympic posters

Two weeks ago we wrote a blog post about the new Olympic posters designed by British artists – you can read the original post here. We’ve just seen these posters designed by third year students from Kingston University’s graphic design and photography courses and we thought it might be nice to compare the two!

A couple of weeks ago, following the release of the 2012 Olympics artists posters, course director Rebecca Wright asked the students if they would like to respond to the same briefy given the artists. They were asked for a personal response to the idea of the London Olympics and the intersection between art and sport. These are our two favourite pieces. Click through the link to see more!

Via – creativereview.co.uk

Olympic calendar

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olympic calendar

The London games will dominate the coming year so it’s no surprise that everyone is getting into the Olympic spirit!
Leicester-based Stocks Taylor Benson has designed this 2012 calendar for paper company Antalis McNaughton with an Olympic theme.
Each month focuses on a graphic treatment of an Olympic event with various print finishes and techniques including foil blocking, embossing, spot UV and screenprinting. Antalis McNaughton will be sending out 7,500 of these to lucky clients, printers and designers!

If you’d like to see more London 2012 artwork you can read our post about the official posters here, or check out some student alternatives here.

Via – online.antalis-mcnaughton.co.uk

Purple Patch: Simply improving the way you work

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purple patch ad

Purple Patch is a new creative service from Adtec, offering highly specified Macs and work spaces for hire by the hour within our Clerkenwell EC1 creative studio.

There are no long-term commitments and you can control your hire time to suit your project, making this a practical choice for both short and long-term use.

As well as your highly specified Mac, all the usual ancillary studio devices are available, but uniquely our high-end production services are on hand at discounted rates if you need them, enabling you to complete your project with the absolute minimum of delay and cost.

Plus, our friendly experts are on hand to assist with any technical issues you may encounter.

Services available in-house include: accurate colour proofs, drum and flat-bed scanning, colour & B/W laser prints and large format display graphics & finishing facilities. Importantly, we adhere to ISO standards throughout the studio, ensuring you can view and verify colour accurately and consistently.

This new service provides benefits which far outweigh the cost, and could help you create that often elusive ‘purple patch’.

For more details please visit www.purplepatch-uk.com or get in touch with Gary Hoxby via email gary@purplepatch.com or call +44 (0)20 7520 7067 to arrange a visit.

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