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Photoshop Disasters


Ah, the beautifully polished world of print media. From your brochures to your magazines and large format street ads, the world of print design is ruled by Adobe Photoshop. However, with tight deadlines, inexperienced designers and, dare we say, clearly BLIND project managers, there appears to be plenty of room for error.

Who is there to spot you and make a mockery? A team of hawk-eye spotters and one psdisasters.com! If you’re having a bad day, this website is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud with its selection of missing limbs, elongated necks and terrible airbrushing!

Here is a prime example that makes us chuckle, even now:

“In a photo timing disaster six young actors were rushed to hospital with broken ankles after failing to clear the end of the dock.”

Whilst it’s all very funny, some errors can be incredibly embarrassing for the brand or publication – particularly when you’ve invested some serious time and budget into launching your print campaign on deadline!

So, if you need a team of professionals who can guarantee to get you noticed for the right thing, look no further than adtec! Our services range from pre-media studio to print management – simply give us a call on +44 (0) 20 7837 6714 today!

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