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Fantastic men deserve finest colour retouching

When two of Europe’s most influential and controversial magazine designers, Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom, were asked to edit and art direct the latest issue of the fashionistas’ favourite, COS Magazine, nothing but the finest colour retouching would do.

And so Nirvana CPH, who were managing the production, called on Adtec for expert support.

“It’s essential for our clients to have colour confidence guaranteed, from screen to proof and then right first time onto press, wherever in the world that may be,” explains Adtec director Gary Hoxby. “And as our colour management experience has been gained in the printing industry, we’re well known for having the skills to correct and prepare colour images to the very highest standard necessary for offline use.”

Jonkers and van Bennekom are famous for their avant-garde, award-winning Fantastic Man magazine, as well as for other arresting publications. Their issue of COS Magazine doesn’t disappoint. Whilst not as controversial as some of their previous work, it is refreshingly different.

The magazine is designed by Jenny Eneqvist and printed in four colour and duotone on one coated and two uncoated stocks. It is certainly designer pleasing, complementing the COS product range in every respect. And, though we say it ourselves, the colour is exceptional!

The look and feel of the magazine called for ‘grey’ images. Gary Hoxby explains the technical challenges this posed: “Greys are extremely difficult to balance and keep neutral, especially when printing, so a tremendous amount of care had to be taken in processing the photographers’ four-colour images.”

To achieve the spectacular results, Adtec worked closely with Nirvana CPH. We first converted the photographers’ RGB images to CMYK using our GMG colour server. Accurate colour assessment was helped by viewing these converted images on our Eizo ColorEdge calibrated monitors, and we retouched and colour-balanced as necessary to maintain a perfect colour match across all images. We also montaged and extended images to suit the layout or to provide bleed.

After retouching we produced ISO-profiled contract colour proofs for approval. All our proofs incorporate a media control wedge, which is read with a precisely calibrated spectrophotometer before each proof is certified as passed, guaranteeing colour accuracy.

With the extent of work required and the tight time scale, Craig Fisher of Nirvana CPH needed a company he could rely on. He turned to Adtec, as he has done many times before when he needs absolute assurance that the project will be delivered on time, in budget and to the desired quality. “Adtec as usual exceeded all our expectations, not just in their skills and knowledge, which we’ve come to take for granted, but in their whole attitude in tackling the task.”

You can find out more about our colour management services on the website here.

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