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Looking as good as it tastes and smells

Adtec has helped set the scene to make Reading’s exciting new Indian street food outlet, Jaswa, look and feel every bit as good as its baked somosas taste and smell.

One of Adtec’s creative partners, Oink, had developed the Jaswa brand and designed its website. They then turned to us for expertise in designing and fitting the new restaurant, as well as for the supply of signage, display and point of sale material.

From day one we helped develop the look, feel and layout, as well as making sure the storefront and signage looked fantastic throughout the works and for the opening. We liaised with the owners and catering professionals and together we delivered an eye-catching, inviting and comfortable space that was also practical and extremely functional.

Whilst works were underway, we used Oink’s graphic designs for the window displays to hide all ongoing shop fitting, at the same time letting people know about the exciting new food outlet that was developing inside. We scoped, manufactured and installed the temporary frontage and continued to update the marketing messages as the restaurant opening moved closer.

Adtec also handled the new exterior signage. Surveying early on in the process, preparing plans with a risk assessment and method statement, submitting in good time to the council. Permission was granted for a an aluminium composite sign tray with built-up coloured acrylic lettering and logo, featuring LED internal lighting and additional lettering laser cut from 5mm acrylic. Installation was a simple ‘plug in’, as we’d planned the electricity supply as part of the shop fit.

Jaspinder of Jaswa Foods Ltd exuded, “we’ve been really impressed with everything that Adtec have done for us”.

Seeing is believing! Just as with food, however well you describe it, there’s just no substitute for trying it yourself. So, if you find yourself in Reading, head for 5 Station Road and check out Adtec’s work. While you’re at it, why not indulge yourself with some of Jaswa’s amazing Indian street food? We recommend the Lamb, Lentil, Spinach & Ginger Baked Somosa, with a side order of Bombay potatoes, followed by a sweet pistachio somosa and coffee. Mmmm.

You can find out more about our display graphics services on the website here.

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