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Adtec Zurich brochure cover

We recently helped Harrods promote Switzerland as a summer tourist destination, and thankfully for everyone’s sake, not with our yodelling! We did what we are good at; producing board-mounted and backlit posters that were installed throughout Harrods’ million square feet of selling space.

With enlivening window and floor displays, including a model railway and an Alpine chalet, the colourful, hard-hitting promotion was aimed to show that there’s much more to Switzerland than just snow and skiing.

For instance, did you know Zurich has 16 beaches, and that the world’s premier international art show for modern and contemporary works is held in Basel each June?

As suppliers of in-store graphics to Harrods for 15 years, it was still fun to be part of the festivities – their biggest promotion with a single country! Significantly, it was also the largest ever undertaken by the Swiss tourist board in London, obviously mindful of the 50,000 people per day from all over the world who visit the UK’s largest retail store.

The event took over a year to plan – if we had known sooner we may even have had time to learn to yodel!

If you have a promotion needing graphic displays, don’t hesitate to contact
Mike Stanley via email mike@adtec.co.uk or call +44 (0)20 7837 6714.

You can find out more about our display graphics services on the website here.

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