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Adtec explains…sustainable packaging & how it is being developed

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Sustainable packaging is the development, production and use of packaging that has a reduced impact on the environment while still meeting functional and economic needs.

As the population has grown, demands on packaging are greater than ever – According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, packaging the world over accounts for roughly one-third of commercial and municipal waste. The packaging industry has started to react to issues that were never even considered in the past. The main concerns being looked at are; the energy required to produce and transport packaging, the pollution created during production, and what to do with the packaging once it has performed its function.

Here are some recent sustainable packaging developments that we thought were noteworthy!

Corn starch
PUMA are one company that have completely embraced this new technology. They have replaced all their plastic shopping bags with ones composed entirely of cornstarch. The bags decompose naturally within a three-month period or the customer can put the bag in hot water and it will dissolve in three minutes!

PepsiCo have created a new bottle – set to go into production in 2012 – which will be the world’s first petroleum free plastic bottle. PepsiCo will use raw materials and by-products from its food businesses to create a molecular structure that is identical to PETE.

Allied Bakeries have announced they will be introducing 100% recycled packaging for their smaller loaves. The new packaging will be made using clean off-cuts from the bread bag making process!

Petroleum alternatives
A team at the Agricultural Research Service are looking into using dairy-based materials as an alternative to petroleum-based packaging. Instead of being made from synthetic polymers they are composed of proteins such as casein and whey which are found in milk.

The future…
Research is being conducted into uses for coconut husks. Two American based companies have recently partnered to design and test a composite material created by combining coconut fibre with thermoplastic. They say the new material is strong, stiff and better for forming shapes than other natural fibre composites while retaining its naturally biodegradable properties.

Article sourced from wikipedia.

Here at Adtec we care about the environment, which is why we’re reducing our Carbon Footprint. Carbon Smart has reviewed our data and carbon performance and we are delighted to say that we have achieved their Blue Award! The award demonstrates our commitment to the environment by measuring our carbon emissions and putting in place an action plan and policy to reduce their impact – our first step to achieving ISO 14001:2004 accreditation.


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