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Adtec designs packs for American Express to be proud of


The American Express International Currency Card team commissioned Adtec to redesign their Centurion Cardmembers Welcome Packs. The packs were last designed in 2007 and the format was due a refresh.

The information was losing its appeal and no longer reflected the requirements of the high value Centurion Cardmembers. With the ‘call to action’ in need of redefining and further consideration to address the business constraints of third party business partners; we began working on a new solution.

Our aim was to design and create a new pack for American Express to be proud of, reflecting the brand’s values, and ‘lightening the load’ for the business partners, as they found the existing pack bulky to carry to meetings.

Cardmembers needed to find the documentation aesthetically pleasing, worth retaining for future reference and ultimately encouraging them to enrol in partner programmes.

Meryam Schnieder, who headed the project for American Express, was impressed by our innovative thinking and well documented approach saying, “Adtec understood our objectives and we felt in capable hands”.

Honest and open dialogue between all parties ensured the delivery of two well-conceived and functional packs. All of the literature adhered to the brand guidelines and was interchangeable between packs, maximising cost efficiencies and further usage.

Each pack comprised an outer mailer, a presentation box or folder, an introductory letter, enrolment forms, benefits and terms & conditions brochures. The new design’s aesthetic appeal was achieved through the mix of ten varying tactile stocks and materials with foil blocking and a neat invisible magnetic fastening.

Meryam was pleased to tell us that American Express, their external banking partners and associated fulfilment houses, all welcomed the arrival of such a well conceived, crafted and desirable item. A pack for Adtec and American Express to be proud of!

If you’ve a business problem that requires a creative solution that delivers then please call Gary Hoxby on +44 (0)20 7837 6714 for an initial free consultation.

You can find out more about our packaging prototype services on the website here.

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