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We Are Closed

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We Are Closed

We are closed! Please contact our friends at Wings:


Is it art or just a crime?

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anti graffiti sign

There are few forms of vandalism that cause as much controversy as graffiti. Art or crime, most of us have reservations about where it’s displayed – particularly when it’s on your front door!

You would be cross if your company sign was rendered unreadable – unless of course it was by Banksy – then you would just smile and take it to Sotheby’s.

However, if your sign is prone to regular vandalism by less bankable graffiti artists we can help you, as we now manufacture an anti-graffiti sign designed specifically for you.

Gary Hoxby was consulted by one of Adtec’s clients, to take a fresh look at the problem, and his solution was an anti-graffiti sign manufactured from highly durable vitreous enamel, held securely within a protective clear acrylic cover, precision drilled with our unique anti-graffiti grid and secured throughout by vandal proof metal fixings.

The grid has proved to act as a positive deterrent to vandals, its fractured surface presenting a physical rather than chemical protective barrier.

If your sign attracts graffitists and you prefer your message to be seen and not theirs, please contact Gary Hoxby via email or call +44 (0)20 7837 6714.

You can find out more about our signage services on the website here.

Purple Patch: Simply improving the way you work

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purple patch ad

Purple Patch is a new creative service from Adtec, offering highly specified Macs and work spaces for hire by the hour within our Clerkenwell EC1 creative studio.

There are no long-term commitments and you can control your hire time to suit your project, making this a practical choice for both short and long-term use.

As well as your highly specified Mac, all the usual ancillary studio devices are available, but uniquely our high-end production services are on hand at discounted rates if you need them, enabling you to complete your project with the absolute minimum of delay and cost.

Plus, our friendly experts are on hand to assist with any technical issues you may encounter.

Services available in-house include: accurate colour proofs, drum and flat-bed scanning, colour & B/W laser prints and large format display graphics & finishing facilities. Importantly, we adhere to ISO standards throughout the studio, ensuring you can view and verify colour accurately and consistently.

This new service provides benefits which far outweigh the cost, and could help you create that often elusive ‘purple patch’.

For more details please visit or get in touch with Gary Hoxby via email or call +44 (0)20 7520 7067 to arrange a visit.

Adtec’s banners blow you away!

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When graphic designer, Mark Holt called for us to prepare an image for an art exhibition banner, he was pleasantly surprised to discover that we could also supply the complete banner!

When you strive for the best, briefing as few people as possible on a project ensures consistent quality – and as our quote was the most competitive – Mark entrusted us with the project.

The banner was to hang between the columns of a Grade II listed former Methodist Church, now home to a contemporary art project space The Zabludowicz Collection 176 Prince of Wales Road, NW5 3PT

After advising on the suitability of the image, we supplied a proof of a crucial section at final size, to show image quality more accurately than could be seen on screen. On approval we extended the image to bleed top and bottom of the 2.2m x 4.5m banner.

As the location was susceptible to gusting wind, we advised mesh rather than PVC as a substrate, as it allows air to flow through rather than billowing. Once printed the banner was pocketed to take the hanging bars and trimmed prior to delivery and installation.

The banner is for the first UK solo exhibition of US artist Laurel Nakadate, which includes Oops! (2000), a three-channel installation in which the artist was invited into the homes of men she met through chance encounters asking them to dance with her to Britney Spears’ iconic song. All her films, performances and photographs, create similarly highly charged scenes that put in play relationships premised on gender, power and sexuality.

If you have any kind of banner project, please contact display graphics manager,
Mike Stanley via email or call +44 (0)20 7837 6714.

You can find out more about our display graphics services on the website here.


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fear.less artwork

Fear.Less is a new series of work by the equally talented Jordan Metcalf and Daniel Ting Chong.
The objects are all representative of weapons/items used in acts of crime in South Africa, both by criminal and the law.

Via –

Adtec designs packs for American Express to be proud of

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The American Express International Currency Card team commissioned Adtec to redesign their Centurion Cardmembers Welcome Packs. The packs were last designed in 2007 and the format was due a refresh.

The information was losing its appeal and no longer reflected the requirements of the high value Centurion Cardmembers. With the ‘call to action’ in need of redefining and further consideration to address the business constraints of third party business partners; we began working on a new solution.

Our aim was to design and create a new pack for American Express to be proud of, reflecting the brand’s values, and ‘lightening the load’ for the business partners, as they found the existing pack bulky to carry to meetings.

Cardmembers needed to find the documentation aesthetically pleasing, worth retaining for future reference and ultimately encouraging them to enrol in partner programmes.

Meryam Schnieder, who headed the project for American Express, was impressed by our innovative thinking and well documented approach saying, “Adtec understood our objectives and we felt in capable hands”.

Honest and open dialogue between all parties ensured the delivery of two well-conceived and functional packs. All of the literature adhered to the brand guidelines and was interchangeable between packs, maximising cost efficiencies and further usage.

Each pack comprised an outer mailer, a presentation box or folder, an introductory letter, enrolment forms, benefits and terms & conditions brochures. The new design’s aesthetic appeal was achieved through the mix of ten varying tactile stocks and materials with foil blocking and a neat invisible magnetic fastening.

Meryam was pleased to tell us that American Express, their external banking partners and associated fulfilment houses, all welcomed the arrival of such a well conceived, crafted and desirable item. A pack for Adtec and American Express to be proud of!

If you’ve a business problem that requires a creative solution that delivers then please call Gary Hoxby on +44 (0)20 7837 6714 for an initial free consultation.

You can find out more about our packaging prototype services on the website here.

Adtec’s cost effective banners make Perfect Sense

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Perfect sense banner

We were proud to be alongside Ewan McGregor at the European premiere of his latest film Perfect Sense, at this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Ewan McGregor (Trainspotting, Star Wars) and Eva Green (Casino Royale) are the stars of this thought-provoking, romantic drama directed by David Mackenzie. Set in Glasgow, the movie focuses on a young couple who fall in love at the onset of a global epidemic.

Sadly, we were unable to attend the Edinburgh International Film Festival in person; however, we sent our no-fuss stand-ins! We produced the pull-up roller banners for the European premier, in collaboration with our partners Oink Creative, to promote the movie at this prestigious event.

Lightweight, portable and cost effective, roller banners are a firm promotional favourite, no matter how glitzy the occasion! The combination of high quality digital inkjet technology for the stunning images, printed onto heavyweight PVC and supported on a solid base, makes your message stand out proud amidst the hustle and bustle of any event.

Whatever the occasion, banners are a fantastic medium of presentation giving maximum impact without any fuss. They come in an easy to carry padded bag and take only 3 minutes to erect. All in all, they make Perfect Sense!

If our display banners make perfect sense for you, don’t hesitate to contact Gary Hoxby via email or call +44 (0)20 7837 6714.

You can find out more about our display graphics services on the website here.

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