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Is it art or just a crime?

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anti graffiti sign

There are few forms of vandalism that cause as much controversy as graffiti. Art or crime, most of us have reservations about where it’s displayed – particularly when it’s on your front door!

You would be cross if your company sign was rendered unreadable – unless of course it was by Banksy – then you would just smile and take it to Sotheby’s.

However, if your sign is prone to regular vandalism by less bankable graffiti artists we can help you, as we now manufacture an anti-graffiti sign designed specifically for you.

Gary Hoxby was consulted by one of Adtec’s clients, to take a fresh look at the problem, and his solution was an anti-graffiti sign manufactured from highly durable vitreous enamel, held securely within a protective clear acrylic cover, precision drilled with our unique anti-graffiti grid and secured throughout by vandal proof metal fixings.

The grid has proved to act as a positive deterrent to vandals, its fractured surface presenting a physical rather than chemical protective barrier.

If your sign attracts graffitists and you prefer your message to be seen and not theirs, please contact Gary Hoxby via email or call +44 (0)20 7837 6714.

You can find out more about our signage services on the website here.


Leading international publishers teNeues choose Adtec

21/09/2011 Leave a comment

teNeues logo

We just love the chance to produce interesting one-offs! As you can imagine, we were delighted when one of the leading international book publishers of photography, design, lifestyle and travel books, teNeues, contacted us to make a special sign bearing their name to grace the shelves of The Shop at Bluebird, Chelsea.

Londoners may be more familiar with the Bluebird Restaurant on King’s Road, Chelsea. However, it is home to more than just a fine food & wine store.

Trading as The Shop at Bluebird, it sells everything from designer fashion to music and books; the perfect setting for the teNeues ultra-cool, coffee table publications.

In keeping with The Shop at Bluebird’s culture, we designed and produced a very modern, acrylic sign to highlight their book display. The sign consisted of the teNeues logo, cut from 3mm blue acrylic, embedded into a clear cast acrylic block. Once finished, it was then hand delivered personally by Managing Director, Gary Hoxby.

Now that’s what we call personal service! No matter the size of the project, or style of the piece, we deliver on time and offer a hands-on approach from start through to the last minute – quite literally!

If you have a similar project or just anything off the wall and a one-off, don’t hesitate to contact Gary Hoxby via email or call +44 (0)20 7837 6714.

You can find out more about our display graphics services on the website here.

Nice to see a plan “come together… right now…”

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red Abbey Road studio1 recording studios sign

We have just completed the design and manufacture of 100 new signs for, ‘the most famous recording studios in the world’.

Abbey Road Studios are known internationally for the Beatles recordings, especially the band’s final album named after it, but also for Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, ranked as one of the greatest rock albums of all-time. Not so well known is that Studio 1 is the largest purpose-built recording studio in the world, easily accommodating a 110-piece orchestra and a 100-piece choir simultaneously! World famous orchestras, such as the Berlin Philharmonic conducted by Herbert von Karajan, helped the studios gain a Grade II listing for ‘Outstanding Cultural Significance’.

You can appreciate why culture-loving Adtec were delighted to be added to this list of superlatives, and chosen to work with their operations team to supply direction, location and information signs to be installed throughout their hallowed studios.

After taking an initial brief, we site tested our recommended signage mechanisms that allowed interchangeable slide-on slide-off information panels, designed specifically to facilitate people moving offices and change of use without fuss. Once our designs were approved, we powder coated onto 3mm Opel acrylic panels for the indoor signage. The panels, once secured to the fitments, provide signs that are not just architecturally stylish but also excellent value for money.

Once again proving to be just “A Day in the Life” of Adtec’s graphics team!

If you want to learn more about signage (or in fact anything graphic) don’t hesitate to contact Gary Hoxby via email on or speak to one of the Adtec team on +44 (0)20 7837 6714.

You can find out more about our signage services on the website here.

Latest news from Adtec: Harrods, Abbey Road Studios & The King’s Speech

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